MTM PRO Blog 2024-07-16T03:09:25+00:00 Zend_Feed_Writer <![CDATA[Bariatric Spa]]> 2014-06-06T04:37:00+00:00 Colorado's best laparoscopic surgeon has now opened a bariatric clinic for health. Dr.Metz is the first bariatric surgeon in the region to offer the Laparoscopic Loop Duodenal Switch! He has helped dozens find a path to a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle. Check him out on his website Dr. Metz offers bariatric surgery in both Denver and Parker, Colorado. <![CDATA[Grand Opening of]]> 2013-05-19T20:25:00+00:00 Great News!! Finally there's a website that sells quality kids clothes, toys, and games at deep discounts, with daily deals, and a whole community of support. Visit for great prices on clothes toys and accessories for kids, moms, and dads. And feel free to spend lots of money :) Thanks! <![CDATA[The Miraculous Juice Cleanse]]> 2011-10-07T02:40:00+00:00 Juice cleanse. What does that even mean? What can possibly be cleansed with a juice, and how? American Yogini can answer these questions, as well as other health questions relating to your body. The basic idea of juice cleansing consists of different methods of cleansing the body. American Yogini personally creates these special fruit and vegetable juice blends which are used as a detox for the body. There are different menus, where each contains a different mix of juices all with proper nutrients to keep your body satisfied and healthy. So you can have a choice as to which mix you prefer. Not only can these juices be ordered online, but American Yogini provides weekend retreats as well. There they have created a fun-filled weekend, designed special to rejuvenate you and keep your body healthy. You want to stay healthy and live your life to its fullest? Go on then and have a look at where it all takes place at <![CDATA[ - Performing Test Transactions While Still in Live Mode]]> 2011-05-05T03:55:00+00:00 Did you ever want to run test transactions using real credit card data on a LIVE account without having to put it into TEST MODE? Well this can easily be done by including the x_test_request field with a value of "TRUE" in the transaction request string to Note: Transactions posted against live merchant accounts using this method are not submitted to financial institutions for authorization and are not stored in the Merchant Interface. If testing in the live environment is successful, you are ready to submit live transactions and verify that they are being submitted successfully. Either remove the x_test_request field from the transaction request string or set it to "FALSE". Sources - Authorize.Net:AIM:Test Transactions <![CDATA[ecommerce site for $500/mth?]]> 2011-03-22T05:17:00+00:00 You bet! Sounds too good to be true? Ask us - you'll be surprised at what $500 can get you. A fully functional, custom designed ecommerce website, complete with payment gateways and secure credit card transaction processing. Contact us today for details. <![CDATA[American Yogini Juice Cleanses]]> 2011-03-03T01:56:00+00:00 You NEED to feel clean! Your biorhythm and your aura have got to be in sync with your chi. Ever notice things just don't 'feel' right? you NEED a juice cleansing. What kind? ahhh- with the variety American Yogini has - they have one just right for you. Check out the juice @ the American Yogini Juice Cleansing Store today! <![CDATA[Juggling Responsibilites]]> 2011-03-01T16:59:00+00:00 Bookkeeping, Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Supervising, Billing, HR, Quality Assurance, Testing, Troubleshooting, Providing Vision, Creating Innovation, Acquisitions, Overtime. I'm sure there's more, but just what I've listed here hurts my head to think about. This list, while by no means complete, can give the average worker a bit of an insight what responsibilities us small business owners have to juggle on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. Why do we do it? Is it just a desire for riches, fame, and power? Or is there substance behind the myth called 'The Entrepreneurial Dream'? I think I do it because I'm a glutton for punishment :) Either that, or it provides all the excuses I need why I can't go to an in-law related family function (Oh, I'm sorry, I have to take care of something crucial at work...) <![CDATA[MTM Unveils Applicant Tracking Software Website]]> 2011-02-10T23:34:00+00:00 SNF Apptrack! The best applicant tracking software on the market today - built specifically for skilled nursing facilities <![CDATA[Great way to test the various ways in which your system reacts to response codes]]> 2011-05-05T03:58:00+00:00 Is there a way to produce specific response codes or errors? Yes, there is a Visa error test credit card number. The payment gateway has been designed so that this special test credit card number can be used to generate specific response codes or errors from Authorize.Net so that you may test your working code. To cause the payment gateway to respond with a specific response code, send a transaction with the Visa error test credit card number (x_card_num) 4222222222222 and an amount (x_amount) equal to the response code you want the payment gateway to return. For example, if a transaction is sent in Test Mode with the credit card number 4222222222222 and an amount of 12 dollars, the payment gateway will respond with response code 12, "Authorization Code is required but is not present." Taken from: Developer FAQs <![CDATA[Wireframe Roundup]]> 2011-02-10T23:36:00+00:00 What we often find is the need to provide our clients with an "undesigned" site (we call it a skeleton) to get a feel for what content they need to collect in order to flesh out their new site. There's no shortage of these tools online...many, many options are available with varying features and ease-of-use. Two that we keep coming back to are: Slickplan - (free) Jumpchart - (free < 10 pgs) Slickplan is strictly for sitemapping. It's a dummy-proof way to build a tree of the proposed site's structure, including a description for each page. There's more features, check it out. And the design of Slickplan's automated tool has even been made into a downloadable CSS package for use in your favorite HTML editor. Jumpchart actually builds a navigable website for you. You can specify titles, text and imagery to appear on each page, as well as its placement in the overall page hierarchy. Once pages are created, they can be viewed in webpage or sitemap form. Again, many more tools are available and it's worth a look. <![CDATA[Redesign Woes]]> 2010-06-30T20:11:00+00:00 You've heard the expression 'The carpenter's kids go without shoes?' Me neither - but you get the point. When you're so busy working you can often find you don't have time to sit back and reflect, contemplate, or express to others what you're up to. Here at MTM we've been so involved in our clients' needs that we've been unable to complete this planned redesign for over two years. In fact, it's still not finished. :) But, we're closer than ever. Wish us luck!